English Naturally School Year Abroad, Hampshire


A year or term in a UK school - a wonderful, inter-cultural experience that could change your life!

Spending a year or term in a school in another country can be an amazing experience - and if it's in an English-speaking country it's an incredible way to make your English really fluent. We work with state (not private) schools in Hampshire and its neighbouring counties (Dorset and Sussex) to find place for students from other countries. 

Our Accommodation Officer organises accommodation in friendly, caring host families. Our Guardianship scheme means your welfare is looked after - so all you have to do is study hard and keep improving your English, making friends along the way...!

Our partner schools

We work with a large number of partner schools in the area close to which our office is based:

  • Hampshire
  • Dorset
  • West Sussex

We visit all schools before working with them. All schools are rated as "Good" or "Outstanding" by OFSTED (the schools inspection body). Before a student joins a school, we work closely with it to provide information about the student (both personal and academic) and to arrange registration. We promise our partner schools that students we send to them will study hard and help with language learning. We also make a financial contribution to the school.

Our partner schools are all situated in the area in which we ourselves are based: Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex. We know all of the schools we work with from personal visits and frequent communication. All of the schools have achieved grades of GOOD our OUTSTANDING in official inspections conducted by the inspection board OFSTED

We only work with State (government schools). We do not place students in private schools. Placements in private schools are generally more expensive and accommodation is residential - we think that from a welfare point of view and for maximum English language improvement it's better to stay with a local host family.

State schools in the UK have a generally very good reputation for their teaching and welfare of students.


The schools we work with do not offer residential accommodation, so we will place you with a friendly, caring host family near the school. The family will look after you and let us know if you are having any problems at school, so that we can help. Your family will give you all meals as well as your own room.

Your host family will be located close to the school. On a daily basis you may walk, use the bus, or get a lift from the hosts, depending on circumstances.

Prices and conditions

£ 3,650 per term
£ 9,950 per year

Two terms will cost £ 3,650 x 2 = £ 7,300

Accommodation during holidays: £ 200/week

There is a weekly supplement of £ 25 to cater for vegans and coeliacs. No extra charge is made for vegetarians.

Taxi prices are quoted individually, depending on your arrival airport and destination.

Additional costs


  • Uniforms if required
  • Any clothing needed for sports or other outdoor activities
  • Books, if the school does not provide them
  • Accommodation during holidays if you wish to stay
  • Taxis to/from your host family. We give taxi prices on an individual basis, depending on your arrival airport and your destination.
  • Day-to-day spending money
  • Extra-curricular school activities (excursions or after-school clubs where a cost is involved)

Completing the application form tells us you are seriously interested, but does not commit you in any way. You only confirm and pay once you have had our offer letter with the named school and all the information you require. You can usually visit the school before confirming if you wish, at your expense.

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