Rose of York Language School, London


At Rose of York, we believe communication is learning. Whether you choose a course for every-day English, an exam course, or a course for business or university preparation, you are sure to meet some wonderful people from all over the world. Whichever type of course you choose, your teacher is trained to get you speaking.

Our school is situated in a Georgian townhouse in the heart of London. Our facilities include light, modern and comfortable classrooms furnished to a high standard. A library with access to a wide range of books, DVDs and computers, and free access to Wi-Fi throughout the school. A students’ common room with food and drink available, where you can have lunch, relax and socialise with friends.

Rose of York is an inviting and friendly English language school situated in a Georgian townhouse in the heart of London’s West End. With Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the National Galleries, the British Museum and the University of London all located in this thriving and vibrant area, it's little wonder that the West End is a big hit with visitors from all over the world.

Rose of York is only 5 minutes' walk from Oxford Circus tube station, opposite the headquarters of the BBC (Broadcasting House), so you are sure to bump into many celebrities doing radio and TV shows there!

Rose of York is the perfect place from which to start exploring London as many important places of interest are within easy reach. Why not visit the South Bank, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, Tate Modern or the Globe Theatre with us on one of our many social events, or go on your own and tell us about it on our Facebook page? 

Rose of York organises weekly social activities such as visits to museums, sightseeing tours, pub nights, quiz nights and much more. A social events organiser, usually a teacher, always accompanies the students and takes pride in ensuring that everyone is involved and having a good time.

School social events are one of the best ways to practise your English while having fun at the same time. At Rose of York you will form firm friendships, many of which will continue long after you leave the school.

Study at Rose of York Language School (2024 prices) 

All our courses are designed to deliver communicative and authentic language learning to meet every student’s needs. All of our courses are taught by qualified teachers, whose continual support and encouragement throughout your studies will help to ensure that you meet your goals

General English
General English is the perfect course for students who wish to improve their ability to communicate with people over a wide range of topics and everyday situations. The experienced and dedicated teachers at Rose of York design lessons with students’ individual needs in mind and focus on delivering all aspects of language including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, writing, reading and listening.

£ 345 per week for 20 lessons (discount after 4 weeks)
Semi intensive and Business English at the same price and conditions.

IELTS Exam Preparation course
The IELTS Preparation course prepares students to take the IELTS exam and achieve their required score. This course focusses on the development of the necessary skills, functions and language required to succeed in the IELTS exam.

£ 345 per week for 20 lessons (discount after 4 weeks)
£ 400 per week for 25 lessons (discount after 4 weeks)
£ 530 per week for 35 lessons (discount after 4 weeks)

English courses for specific purposes
These standard (20 lessons per week) courses are designed to focus on language skills and vocabulary functions needed to perform successfully in specific environments and industries.Also available in semi-Intensive (25 hrs) and Intensive (30 hrs), enquire for pricing
£ 570 per week for AviationEnglish
£ 570 per week for Banking and Finance English
£ 570 per week for Business Management English 
£ 570 per week for English for Layers
£ 570 per week for English for Personal Assistants
£ 570 per week for Tourism & Hospitality
£ 570 per week for Law English
£ 570 per week for Media and Marketing English
£ 570 per week for Medical English/OET preparation
£ 570 per week for Oil and Gas English      

At Rose of York we recognise that choosing the right place to live can be as important as choosing the right place to study. For this reason, we offer a range of possibilities to suit every budget and requirement. Homestays offer you the comfort of living in a family home as well as an opportunity to practice your English outside the classroom. On the other hand, residences will suit students who prefer self-catering and more independence.

From £ 250 - £ 350 per week bed and breakfast depending on the London zone

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