Stover School, Newton Abbot, Devon


Everyone who visits Stover - pupils, parents, staff and visitors - recognise that this is a very special place. Perhaps it is our location, in the foothills of Dartmoor yet in the heart of Devon’s glorious countryside, just a few miles from the sea, which makes Stover unique. We are a close and warm community, all working towards one goal – the education of children, from the early years, right through until they become young adults.

Excellence in teaching and nurturing of pupils lie at the heart of all we do at Stover. These dual objectives drive our decisions and shape our priorities. By teaching I include, along with our excellent academic results that we continually achieve year after year, our teaching of important life skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem, respect for others and care for the community.

As a Christian school, we teach children about the value of moral standards and good standards of behaviour. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that recognises natural talents and nurtures the individual. As a relatively small school we know every pupil very well; their needs, how they learn, and these strong relationships, which develop as they grow, are the foundations for their achievements at Stover and beyond.

Class sizes are modest and education standards high. The school also has a long standing reputation for excellence in music, drama and the expressive arts. Increased pupil numbers since the admission of boys have prompted the expansion of other facilities at the school in recent years. These have included a new Art and Photography Block, a new Science and Mathematics Building and campus wide expansion in ICT facilities and other modern technologies. Outside, a short course golf course, additional playing fields, cricket squares, a covered tennis court and a new sports pavilion with changing rooms have created greater opportunities for competitive sport and leisure.

Boarding at Stover

Boarding at Stover offers the blend of the expected care, support and enrichment, along with the flexibility that one needs from a modern boarding school. This is an exciting time to join a flourishing area of the school. With structure and activities throughout the week and trips and activities on the weekends, the students are kept busy and engaged. We have a strong focus on ensuring that academic rigour is at the heart of the working week, and all students are prepared well for personal study as they move through the school. With the wonderful environment that surrounds Stover, the students quickly realise that they are very privileged to be growing up in such a place.

Stover Boarding offer the full options for boarding - flexi, weekly and full boarding. Weekly and Flexi boarders have the opportunity to have access to all of the facilities in the evening, but also have structured prep sessions and academic support. This means that from an intensive week, they can come home to relax at the weekend with family and friends.

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Study at Stover

Year 10 and 11

The curriculum at Stover comprises a broad, well balanced spectrum with the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science being supported by ICT, Geography, History, Music, Drama, French, German, Spanish, Art, Home Economics, Physical Education, RE and PSE. At GCSE pupils may chose from over twenty subjects. Stover is unusual in that the choices available are designed to meet the pupils' requirements as far as possible. Staff liaise closely with both parents and pupils to ensure that the most suitable combinations of subjects are considered. Normally pupils study nine subjects but many take the opportunity to follow more. Academic progress is monitored by a series of grades, reports and regular meetings with Form Teachers and Academic Heads of Departments.

Boys and Girls in Years 10 and 11 recieve extensive careers advice and are encouraged to plan ahead. Cross-curricular skills such as Information and Communication Technology are particularly well developed and resourced throughout the school.

Year 12 and 13 – Sixth Form

Students in the Sixth Form are a close community with a culture of hard work and independent study. These two years at Stover are a perfect opportunity for students to begin the transition from school to university, college and the world of work. The subject choices for AS and A2 studies are designed around the interest of our students and often specialist programmes are designed for individual needs. More freedom and more choice, come with the acknowledgment of personal responsibility. In the Sixth Form Centre, each student will have their own study room for a quiet place to work alone and uninterrupted, as well as places to socialise and to relax. Many Stover Sixth Formers take a leadership role in the school and, conscious that they are important role models for younger pupils, they behave with maturity and integrity.

With around 50-60 in the Sixth Form, students benefit from a close relationship with their tutors and with their subject teachers. These small groups enable teachers and students to really explore their chosen subjects to the depth required for top marks at AS and A2 examinations and our academic results certainly endorse this approach to study. We expect our students to obtain places at their first choice of university/college and the support with UCAS applications provided by our very experienced staff is part of the rhythm of Sixth Form life. We want our Sixth Formers to thoroughly enjoy their final years at Stover, to achieve the qualifications of which they are capable and to make lasting friendships to support them in the years to come.

Fees 2021 - 2022

Prior to Entry
£     100 Registration Fee
£  1,500 Deposits [Deposits are refundable on cleared payment of final term’s bill] 

Senior School

£ 7,990 Years 1 – 6 Full Boarding per term
£ 9,995 Years 7 – 13 Full Boarding per term