Buckswood School, Guestling, West Sussex


Respect, Tradition, Integrity and Honour. The Legend under the regal lions on Buckswood’s coat of arms reads ”Ad Vitam Paramus” or ”we prepare for life

But what sort of life do we want for our children, and what skills will they need to be successful? At Buckswood we recognise that every scholar is an individual, born with an unique set of talents and abilities. The net opportunity is cast so wide that as talent is discovered, it is nurtured and cultivated so that every scholar’s potential is fully realised. We want each child to able to stand up on their own two feet and be able to tackle any situation. They must learn that life is not like a playstation. This is achieved by dedicated staff, Teaching at Buckswood is a calling, a vocation not a job.

Buckswood instills a can-do spirit of adventure in its scholars who are willing to try something new, understanding that failure is not be feared, knowing that new experience make richer people. A wealth of stimulating and thought-provoking activities and opportunities are complemented by traditional classroom studies. The Buckswood approach opens the mind and produces well-rounded and interesting individuals – learners today, leaders tomorrow.

Every situation calls for and teaches scholars the behaviour that will serve them in the future. From impeccable manners in the dining hall, to speaking correctly and presenting yourself elegantly and with confidence, the Buckswoodian thrives and is comfortable in any social setting

Being a Boarder

As an international boarding school, Buckswood prides itself on its broad spread of nationalities and is committed to promoting global understanding and cooperation amongst its community. When you come to Buckswood as an international boarder you will not share a room with someone from your own country, thereby encouraging everyone to speak English at all times, be it in the classroom, on the sports field or even on school excursions. The first week or two can be difficult but we will allocate another student who speaks your language to be your ‘buddy’ and guide you through the first days as a boarder away from home.

You will share a purpose-built lodge with other students from all parts of the world and for most this will mean a twin room. We do provide single rooms for many 6th Form students, whilst the juniors will share with three or four others. Each lodge has a live-in Housemaster (for the boys) or Housemistress (for girls) and they are on hand to manage the lodge and be a first point of contact for the students. Our staff can all list patience, energy, good humour, common sense and discipline amongst their strengths and so can offer a great deal to students of all ages and backgrounds.

And yes, we do allow students to leave the school on Saturday afternoon and visit nearby Hastings and enjoy its many facilities. Younger students will be accompanied but older ones are free to go unaccompanied, providing they adhere to the rules and return to school at the agreed time!

So give yourself an unfair advantage in this competitive world and come and try the Buckswood experience.

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Learning at Buckswood School

Teaching and Learning at Buckswood is highly individualised and takes a holistic approach. Every element of the curriculum is designed with the personal aptitudes and talents of the scholar in mind from smaller class sizes, tailored timetables and abundant amounts of hands-on experiences. The teaching approach allows for the Buckswood Master or Mistress to know your child as an individual, knowing how they tick, ensuring that every scholar is given to opportunity to reach their full potential. At Buckswood scholars don’t just learn – they do, and that’s the Buckswood difference.

Our approach is twofold:

The first method is about getting involved. Making sure the scholars have access to visual, participatory and practical experiences along the way to exam success. This we do in the forms of trips, competitions and active engagement. We do need classroom time to give the scholars access to the topic and the basic theories as well as examination papers and techniques. However, we also ensure that learning takes place outside of the classroom whether on a subject based trip such as to the House of Commons, the Titanic exhibition, or the killing fields of Ypres, or in an activity such as a Debating competition or exhibiting our own Art work in a Gallery.

Our second way is to train teachers to have the Buckswood Difference. A Buckswood School Master or Mistress will come from a varied background, bringing a wealth of life experience to their subjects from either industry or Academic experience. All share an enthusiastic desire to help scholars achieve success. We openly encourage teachers to be different, to teach in a way that makes the topic memorable and interesting. We want our scholars to rush to class on a Monday morning and enjoy taking responsibility for their studies. This requires a safe, secure and vibrant environment for teachers to feel comfortable about ‘getting involved’.

Buckswood Sports Academies

Buckswood School Academies are proud of their experience and expertise in academic, athletic and personal development. At Buckswood Academies , scholar-athletes get the opportunity to live their passion and pursue their dream careers in a truly global environment that encourages dedication, fortitude and leadership. 

Buckswood Sports Academies

  • Buckswood Football Academy
  • Buckswood Golf Academy
  • Buckswood Riding Academy
  • Buckswood Tennis Academy
  • Buckswood Hockey Academy
  • Buckswood Rugby Union Academy 

Boarding Fees 2018 / 2019

£      150 Registration Fee
£   1,000 Deposit
£   9,700 Boarder per term (One term’s written notice required)
£      700 Football Academy Boarder per term
£      500 Rugby Academy Boarder per term
£      550 Disbursement Account (account with the school
              for incidentals)
An itemised statement will be included in each term’s fee invoice.

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