Tti School of English, London


London is the English capital of the world and we think that learning the English language in London is the most exciting way to invest in your future. We can offer you a great course that will guarantee you make progress whether you want to learn English for business, academic exams, culture, travel or fun.

Our aim is to deliver quality lessons and maintain consistently high standards – we want to give you a real sense of progress and to ensure that the courses represent value for money. We will test your level both with a pre-arrival test and an interview on arrival to choose the most suitable class for you. When it is time to change your level I will test your level outside class time and give you the results the next day.

Tti classes do not follow an individual course book. Instead, teachers follow a detailed and comprehensive syllabus, and select the best and most appropriate materials for your class. We often ask our students to tell us what they want to learn, and what they think about their classes. We try to meet these needs and interests to ensure that personal learning objectives are met. You will also receive copies of study materials to take home and review. We will help you to develop good study skills, which include guidance on how to organize your worksheets and keep vocabulary books, and we will monitor your progress via regular in-class testing, and counselling whenever you need it.

Tti Premium Study Rooms Accommodation

Located in the residential area of Tufnell Park, these premium study rooms are managed directly by Tti School of English and are kept clean and well equipped. The flat offers four bedrooms all with private bathroom facilities, a laundry area and large kitchen and living room leading onto a decked garden. This is a great choice if you like to live well and prefer to be independent and cook for yourself. This is particularly recommended for our 30+ students.

Tti Study Rooms Accommodation

These study rooms are managed directly by Tti School and are kept clean and well equipped. The rooms are located close to the school in Tufnell Park and Camden Town. Some are within walking distance. All rooms have a desk where you can do your homework in peace and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi broadband internet access. This is a perfect option if you prefer to be independent and cook for yourself and it’s a great way to get to know other students studying at Tti and practise your English.

More information on the programmes of the Tti Shool of English in London, please write an e-mail to StudyUnitedKingdom EU <- clik for e-mail

Study at Tti School of English (2017 prices)

Here at Tti, we have over 15 years of teaching English courses in London. The main aim of all our English courses is to improve your communicative ability and confidence.

General English - 20 lessons per week at £ 231 per week (more weeks at a discount)

20-lesson General English is our most popular course, offering you the perfect balance between learning and free time. So as well as developing your English language skills including grammar, vocabulary, communicating and pronunciation, you can enjoy the freedom to develop new friendships and discover London’s famous culture.

Also available are 10, 15, 25, 30, 35 and one-to-one lessons

English for Business Intensive - 25 lessons at £ 415 per week (more weeks at a discount))

Our 20-lesson Business English course is perfect for students who want to develop their language skills alongside a part-time job or university study. With classes finishing at lunchtime, the rest of your day is free. So you can learn something new in the morning and use it in the workplace that same afternoon.

Also available are 15, 25, 30, 35 and one-to-one lessons

English + Internship (Price: add £ 600 to your English course)

From advertising and fashion to engineering and law, an internship opens the door to many exciting careers. Complement your classroom lessons with an Internship at the end of your course. This programme is a great way to gain the skills – and the opportunities – you need. Please bear in mind that internships are usually unpaid. Although companies will often contribute towards transport and lunch expenses.

English + Paid Work Experience (Price: add £ 280 to your English course)

If you aren’t familiar with the UK job market or aren’t confident speaking English, finding a job can be difficult. Our paid work experience courses are designed to make things as easy as possible. We provide classroom lessons to develop your skills and job interviews through our partner company to get you into work. To apply for a Tti Paid Work Experience, you must be aged 18 or over and have a minimum A2 lower Intermediate level of English. You must also be a European Union (EU) national. We regret that non-EU nationals are restricted by immigration rules from participating in work experience. You must also be available to work for a minimum of eight weeks.

Tti's 2016 Christmas Programme (Price: 1st week £ 200, 2nd week £ 156, both weeks £ 320)

The perfect gift for friends, family or for yourself! Improve your language skills during the morning and join in with London’s magical festivities during the afternoon. This one- or two-week course combines class time with a complete festive social calendar. Every morning, our expert teachers help you develop your English language skills, with a range of group activities and individual tasks. After class each day, our social programme provides the perfect opportunity to practice your new-found skills with other English-speakers in a relaxed, fun environment.

Please ask for the 2017 programme