University Direct, UK


University Direct was established to provide independent specialist advice and support to help prospective students make the right choice and submit a successful application to university. Whilst support in applying to university is our most popular service, we recognise that this is just the start of your academic journey and we are able to support you throughout your time at university in the UK.

This personal, independent student focused approach is at the heart of what we do and what makes our work so rewarding. No one person is the same so we support you and your family to make the best decision for your needs and help you through every step of your university journey.

Supporting you to succeed with your study. Supporting you to make the right choices in UK universities. At University Direct we offer a broad range of independent support to help you to succeed and have a great time throughout your academic journey.

Making your choice

Choosing a degree course and university is often a daunting prospect. University Direct provide specialist support to make this process easier, providing careers advice and support in selecting your degree and university.

Taught Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses process:

Whilst every client is different and we pride ourselves on providing a personal and impartial service, our application support service has been designed to ensure our clients make the best choices and give themselves the best chance of success. This is our most popular service which follows the approach below:

  1. Initial Skype call to understand the clients interests and ability
  2. Undertake research outlining at least 6 universities offering suitable courses
  3. Follow up Skype call/s to discuss course options
Please note, this is a PAID service, please ask for a quote.
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Securing your place
at university

University Direct supports you to secure your preferred course and university. In the UK, this process involves completing a UCAS application form, which requires you to submit a personal statement and for some courses attend an interview. We guide you through this process, considering your academic ability and interests, working with you to understand your strengths, and increasing your confidence to succeed in your applications.

  1. Skype calls to discuss the application process and personal statement
  2. Skype and written support to help the client develop the best possible application
  3. Supporting submission through the UCAS process and advising on next steps

Some courses do, however, need more support requiring further input from University Direct this includes:

  1. Specialist advice when applying for medicine, dentistry or veterinary science
  2. Tailored support and interview preparation for Oxbridge applicants
  3. Information and advice about moving to the UK and living in the different university cities
  4. More in depth careers counseling to ensure those who a less sure of their plans make the right choices 

Following a successful application University Direct can help our clients throughout their time at University, through a range of mentoring and advisory services including:

  • Regular academic mentoring sessions
  • Advice and support on dissertations, projects and placements

Succeeding in your studies

Whilst at university in the UK, students can benefit substantially through obtaining independent mentoring advice. University Direct takes two approaches; 

  • Offering regular advice to discuss current and upcoming academic challenges 
  • Providing specific support at key times in the academic year
Please note, this is a PAID service, please ask for a quote.
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