Rochester Independent College, Rochester, Kent


Studying at Rochester Independent College (RIC) combines academic rigour with a creative buzz. There's no uniform and students and staff are on first name terms. Accepting day students from the age of 11 and boarders from 15, the average class size is 8.

Students enjoy being here and are treated as young adults. Our teachers have masses of expertise and experience and really get teenagers. It’s a place for individuals and a real alternative to traditional schools. We encourage our students to voice their opinions, to think critically, creatively and independently. They leave not only with excellent examination results but with enthusiasm for the future and new confidence about themselves and their education.

Boarding at RIC

RIC’s boarding is for those aged 15+ and so half of the residential community is new each year. It’s easy to make new and interesting friends. The atmosphere is more like a university halls of residence than a school. We don’t impose supervised prep and our single study bedrooms all have telephones and internet connection. We do not teach on Saturdays and no compulsory exeats. Boarders are welcome to stay in College during the Easter holidays and over half terms.


RIC is a short walk from Rochester railway station, 20 mins from London Stratford (for the Olympic Stadium) and 40 mins from London St Pancras or London Victoria. Our students can enjoy everything that the capital city has to offer without the problems of living in it. The major airports are within easy reach, Gatwick being only one hour and Heathrow one and a half hour away by road. Airport pick ups are arranged at the beginning and end of each term by the College. The Eurostar services to and from Brussels and Paris stop at Ebbsfleet International, a ten-minute drive from the College.

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Study at Rochester Independent College: A UK boarding school that is consistently academic

Two-year GCSE courses
GCSEs are the exams UK students take at the end of their secondary education, normally at the age of 16. Some international students opt to enter a standard two-year GCSE course at RIC allowing plenty of time to improve their English and settle into the UK system before taking exams.

Choose between a one-year pre A level course or a one-year intensive GCSE programme

Students who successfully follow these one year courses proceed to study A levels and RIC, creating a three year pathway to university. Depending on the student’s level of English and academic background they may take a small number of GCSEs on a pre A level course or opt for a fully comprehensive intensive GCSE course. Either route is the perfect preparation for sixth form for international students aged 15+, covering a broad range of academic subjects and English language classes.

Two Year A level Course

The ‘conventional’ A level course lasts for two years. At RIC it is usual for students to study four subjects in Year 12 and three in Year 13. Where required, additional language teaching support leading to the IELTS examination is part of the course.

Some students have a firm career aim and can with confidence select a certain set of A level subjects. Others are encouraged to select combinations which keep their options as wide open as possible.

Early on a two-year course, students even have chance to try subjects for a while before settling to a final choice. RIC specialises in teaching short courses and it is thus rarely a problem should a student wish to change subject options as late as the beginning of their second year of study.

One Year A level Course

The advantage of one year A level courses for overseas students is that they can move quickly into Higher Education, specialising in a way that is more difficult in many international systems or with the IB Diploma.

Full time Tuition Fees 
£ 13,900 Year 7-9 per year for EEA students
£ 18,500 Year 10 - 11 per year for EEA students
£ 19,500 Year 12-13 per year for EEA students

£ 21,500 Year 10 - 11 per year for non-EEA students
£ 26,000 Year 12-13 per year for non-EEA students

Annual  payable in 3 termly instalments, or in 10 equal instalments commencing in September.

Boarding Fees 
£ 15,500 Full boarding - single room, payable in 3 termly instalments for EEA and non-EEA students