Bucksmore Arts Experience, Oxford


English plus Performing Arts for 13-17 Year-Olds

Bucksmore Arts Experience is a unique English language course that immerses students aged 13-17 in the English language combined with a choice of performing arts, studied alongside local English teenagers.

With 19 hours of English tuition and 9 hours of electives each week, a maximum class size of 11 students and a 20% cap of any nationality, Bucksmore Arts Choice offers the opportunity for students to improve their English both in the classroom and also with a truly international community during the afternoon electives.

Bucksmore Education provide quality English Language summer schools for individual students from all over the world. We offer a range of English Language courses to ensure that we meet the needs of every student. Bucksmore has been hosting quality English Language summer camps and schools for children and teenagers for 33 years, and have welcomed more than 10,000 students from over 60 countries and nationalities.

Young learners at Bucksmore participate in a wide range of afternoon and evening activities as well as going on exciting, cultural excursions and trips. At Bucksmore they are always improving their English language skills.

Each week, there are two full-day excursions and one half-day trip to a variety of destinations. Students are accompanied by staff on all excursions, and can be given free-time if appropriate.

Locations Offering Bucksmore Arts Experience King Edward's School, Witley, Surrey

King Edward’s school is located in the beautiful village of Witley, Surrey. This impressive school is within an hour of both London and the south coast of England, making it a great location for one of Bucksmore’s classic English summer schools.

2018 Programme at
Bucksmore Arts Experience
in King Edward's School
Witley, Surrey 


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The syllabus incorporates language study, language for life, excursion link lessons and academic skills sessions. The language study lessons focus on the communicative style of language learning and provide grammar and vocabulary tailored to a student’s ability. Whereas language for life lessons integrate a wider range of topics including learner training, literacy, culture and life skills.

The course aims to build language skills and confidence gradually through our multi-level syllabus. Help students achieve their individual goals in language learning and gain a better understanding of English books, films, songs, the internet and other media.

Arts Workshops: Bucksmore Arts Experience combines English language tuition with art work shops. There are 19 hours of English tuition each week, as well as three afternoon elective sessions totalling 9 hours. These afternoon work shops last for three hours each and are studied alongside local English teenagers. Each week has a different theme, and students must choose one of the following five elective options for each week of their stay.

Electives are: Dance, Art, Music

Arts Workshops

Arts Experience combines English language tuition with art workshops. There are 15 hours of English tuition each week, as well as three afternoon arts workshop sessions of 2.5 hours – totalling 7.5 hours per week.

Each week, students will spend three afternoons rotating between each of the following three areas:

Making use of King Edward’s School’s music hall, students will work with a variety of instruments to create pieces of music from around the world. No musical expertise is required.

Taught by an experienced tutor the dance workshop will focus on a different style of dance each week. Students will prepare, practise and perfect a dance routine during the afternoon session. Dance styles in the past have included modern, jazz, ballet and hip-hop. No previous experience is necessary and the tutor will adapt the routine to the ability of the group.

The Art workshop takes place in King Edward School’s art studio, and students will have the opportunity to paint using a variety of techniques, as well as experience some more ‘hands on’ artistic styles.

£ 1,250 per week at King Edward's School, Witley, Surrey.
Dates: between 10 July - 14 August 2018 

Included in Bucksmore Arts Experience:

  • Full-board accommodation atKing Edward's School
  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • Enrolment on Bucksmore Assessment
  • Personalised report card & certificate
  • Entrances to attractions on excursions
  • Full activity programme

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