Choose the right course for you

Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there are thousands of English language courses on offer. Perhaps you want to do a course just for fun? Maybe you want to gain an internationally-recognised qualification to help you enter university? Or perhaps you want to improve your business English skills?

In the UK, you can choose a course that is suited to your:

  • Age group: There are courses specifically for children, teenagers or adults of different ages
  • Ability: You can choose a course for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners
  • Interests and ambitions: You can choose a general English course or one with a particular focus – for example, you may want to train to be an English teacher or do a business English course. You don’t have to study English on its own either – you could combine it with another subject, such as art, tourism, fashion, football or science.

Study modes

English language courses can be part-time or full-time. Full-time courses are usually around 15 to 24 hours of classes per week. You can choose a course lasting anything from a day to a year. Holiday and vacation courses are very popular in the summer (June, July and August), and are a great way to fit your studies around your job or your school life. The most sociable way to learn English is to join a course where you will learn alongside other students in a class, but for a more personal experience, you could choose one-to-one tuition.

The academic year

In the UK, the typical academic year for school, college and university starts in September and runs until June or July. English language courses are far more flexible. Courses that start in September, January and July are particularly popular, but there are lots of other choices too.

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